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governed by the strict wine laws imposed on

European wine growers, who are restricted to

growing certain grapes in certain areas. Specialising in a comprehensive range of

mainstream and exclusive brands of fine wines. Chancellors Cellars®  believes

in supporting the smaller wineries as well as the regular national brand wineries.



 Australian Red wine comes more naturally to Australia than white. The importance of the right soil than Australia's best red wine vineyard. South of Adelaide near the south west coast of South Australia, the terrain is completely flat, an abrupt deposit of a most unusual fertile red earth. Below it lies a few yards of pure chalk, and then a great reservior of water. It is recognised as one of the world's most distinguished vineyards. See our extensive range of  Australian Red Wines ORDER








Australian white wine blends is an experimentation with alternative white grapes which has grown apace in Australia over the past several decades. This has sprung first from a curiosity on the part of winemakers, which has in turn affected and enthused wine drinkers. Variety is the spice of life, and the saying was never truer than for wine. The blending of Australian white wines can develop an interesting array of flavours. See our extensive range of Australian White Blends ORDER







Australian white wine grape varieties generally smell and taste like citrus and other tree fruit, like lemon, orange, grapefruit or apple. In mature white wines, or in sweet white wines, we can often taste more exotic or tropical fruit, like pineapple, mango, apricot, pear, melon and lychees. White wines also have odours and tastes such as mineral, spice, herbs, tobacco, hay, yeast, honey, caramel and nuts. See our extensive range of Australian White Wines ORDER









From the sun baked soils of Australia to the breathtaking vineyards of South Africa, from the cool slopes of New Zealand to the long, hot stretches of the Napa Valley: the wine world has been transformed in recent years by the unstoppable progress of top class wines from New World countries. But why are these wines such a challenge to the traditional wines of Europe? See and experience our extensive range of Imported Wines ORDER









Of the great wines of France, Champagne is the newest arrival. Champagne as a district has been making wine since the early Roman times, and by the ninth century it had become sufficiently well established as a high quality region for distinction to be drawn between the wines of the Vallee de la Marne and those of the Montagne de Reims. From this time on it went from strength to strength: by the early sixteenth century, the wine of Ay had become so highly prized that it was said to be 'the ordinary drink of Kings and Princes. It was not until the seventeenth century, however, that the first sparkling wines made their appearance, and not until the nineteenth century that Champagne came to be synonymous with sparkling wine. neither were the numerous special techniques essential for making Champagne all discovered by discovered by one person - notwithstanding the extraordinary feats popularly attributed to Dom Perignon nor at any one time. See our extensive range of Champagnes and Imported Sparkling Wines  ORDER




About the time that Dom Perignon noticed the first bubbles in his quietly cellared bottles, the English were unhappy with shipments of table wines arriving, in barrel, in poor condition. A suggestion was made that by adding brandy to the wine might preserve it better. And it did so!. Not only the addition of brandy preserve the wine and add a smooth, alcoholic mouthfeel, but with further time in the barrel, a noticeable change occurred. The porous oak, breathing and allowing a certain amount of evaporation, brought new  life to these wines. This was the start of what we know as fortified wines, and long term maturation in oak and careful blending, they've developed into some of the greatest wines on the globe, port from Oporto in Portugal, sherry a name derived from Jerez in Spain, vermouth, marsala and tokay (tokaji) have all proven to be favourite and fashionable aperitifs or digestifs. See our range of Fortified Wines ORDER


Australian Red wine blends and the varieties which accompanying this great widely travelled grape of the world, is the red Bordeaux, which is just about what everyone wants to grow. This main grape, being the Cabernet is well known that most are better with just a little blending of some other grape when added to round out its sometime lean flavours, the other Bordeaux grapes, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, have come along as part to complement this variety.See our extensive range of Australian Red Blends Wines  ORDER 










The best Australian sparkling wines are being made increasingly from cold climate grapes grown in Tasmania and high altitude and or southerly parts of Victoria. These wines often stand in comparison with good non vintage Champagne, albeit with a decidedly Australian character. The importance of the right varietal base (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and less importantly Pinot Meunier) has been handsomely demonstrated in Australia. Australian sparkling wines  have gone through several phases of development. Increasingly, the finest sparkling wines are made from Tasmanian grapes, with Macedon, the Yarra Valley, from Victoria and Adelaide Hills from South Australia other super - premium sources. See and experience our extensive range of Australian Sparkling Wines ORDER






Chancellors Cellars is proud to present an extensive catalogue of well known specialized boutique and avant-garde Australian and International Wines, Champagnes, Sparkling Wines, Reds Wines, Whites Wines, Blended Wines, Beers, Spirits and Gifts. Chancellors Cellars®  presents an exciting range of unique quality gifts for special occasions and to the corporate sector. It's that time of the year once again. Our gift packs are ideal for Birthdays, Easter Weddings, Engagements, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day and throughout the year to acknowledge your clients, employees and loved ones. We offer Australia wide and International delivery. ORDER





All the Spirits, Scotches, Cognacs, Vodka, Brandy's, Grappa, Armagnac, Bourbon, Single Malt Scotch, and exotic liqueurs such the Grand Marnier, and Sambuca can be gathered under the inspirational phrase, "water of life" (aqua vitae in Latin, eau de vie in French, even the word "whiskey" has its root in the Gaelic for "water of life"). The French refer frequently to cognac as an eau de vie (there is a University of Eaux de Vie in the town of Cognac), and all the fruit brandies are known categorically as eaux de vie. This rather lofty appellation was not inspired by the liquors' capability to warm the throats and enhance the moods of its imbibers, rather, it relates to the invention of the art of distillation and creation of alcohol. See our range of Spirits ORDER




Miniature Liqueurs are great way to sample these great Liqueurs all the Spirits, Scotches, Cognacs, Vodka, Brandy's, Grappa, Armagnac, Bourbon, Single Malt Scotch, and exotic liqueurs such the Grand Marnier, and Sambuca can be gathered under the inspirational phrase, "water of life" (aqua vitae in Latin, eau de vie in French, even the word "whiskey" has its root in the Gaelic for "water of life"). See our extensive range of Miniatures ORDER





Beer from all over the World.....the variety of beers brewed throughout the world is impressively large. You need only think of the number one beer country, Germany, or even a small country like Belgium, which is unique both in beer consumption per head and in the variety of beers available. Many countries which are not normally thought of as brewing nations, perhaps priding themselves more on their reputation as wine producers, also have breweries that inspire intense loyalty among native beer drinkers. Many more beers have never strayed far from the borders of their country of origin and some are known only as regional specialties. See our range of Beers ORDER




Chancellors Cellars® believes in drinking responsibly.  Under the Liquor Control Act 1998 for Victoria, it is illegal for persons under the age of 18 to purchase alcohol from this site.  It is an offence to sell or supply alcohol to or to obtain for persons under the age of 18. 

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